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Commercial Collections Atlanta GA

Dealing with commercial collections Atlanta GA is a stressful process for all parties involved but can be especially challenging for creditors who are unsure of how to go about collecting the debts owed. In many cases, business owners may feel uncomfortable pursuing a debt or seek to work out the debt on their own without assistance. This can often backfire on companies, leaving them with burned bridges and a poor reputation for handling collections, increased time spent chasing down an account and taking valuable time away from business operations, and increase frustration for the business owners and management team if the debtor is unresponsive, aggressive, or obstinate.

Commercial Collections Atlanta GA

When dealing with commercial debt, the debt collection needs to be handled swiftly and efficiently to reduce financial costs and to mitigate damage to a company’s reputation and operations.

Thrift & McLemore specializes in handling commercial collections claims in commercial debt recovery and litigation.  We have been successful in collecting past-due assessments, judgments, fines, penalties, loans and debt on behalf of our clients.

Commercial cases are far more complex than retail collections, and our team of expert attorneys are fully knowledgeable on the technical aspects of commercial collections. Thrift & McLemore’s claims practice includes open accounts, unsecured and secured loans, credit cards, automobile loans, student loans, foreign judgments, real property foreclosures and commercial claims.   We represent commercial creditors, financial institutions, government entities, insurance companies, service organizations and certain individuals in recovering commercial loans.

Working together, the location of tangible assets, existing contracts and employment, bank accounts, equity in inventory and other assets, may be located and serve as a basis for recovery.  We are dedicated to the proposition of being a vital part of a client’s credit and recovery.

Thrift & McLemore is proud of our record of service to business clients.  The breadth and scope of our practice encompasses:

  • Sale of goods disputes
  • Dealer disputes
  • Distributor disputes
  • Collection on letters of credit
  • Issuing demand letters
  • Bankruptcy workouts
  • Litigation
  • Collection on business agreement defaults
  • Attachments
  • Garnishments

Recovering Debts

Many businesses faced with unpaid collections are forced to turn to filing a lawsuit to recover the amount owed. The longer than a debt collection is put off, the more difficult it will be for the creditor to receive the full amount owed by the debtor. Long, drawn out collection processes and direct pursuit of the debt by the creditor can also have a negative impact on the relationship with the debtor or with other customers or vendors, which may not be in the creditor’s best interest.

By bringing in a commercial collection attorney, creditors can get back to daily operations and forego the difficult conversations and frustrations that come with trying to collect on debts. We work one-on-one with our clients to break down the proper procedures and create a plan to move forward, including drafting the initial demand letter and working to supply creative and realistic solutions to collect the debt. In some cases, we may recommend filing a lawsuit to pursue the debt through the court system.

Businesses that take part in the lending of property, services, or credit are generally bound by a contract, but pursuing that debt can be a challenge without legal assistance. At Thrift & McLemore, our experienced professionals are well versed in the legal obligations on the part of both the creditor and the debtor and work diligently through the use of legal action to attempt to collect on overdue accounts.

Rightfully Owed Funds

Contractual agreements are often entered into in personal and professional dealings, giving each party specific obligations, whether the financial agreement is a short-term, long-term, or mortgage loan, or other financial agreements that have been arranged with a creditor.

Commercial Collections Atlanta GA Thrift & McLemore, we specialize in dealing with breach of contract, accounts receivable and commercial account collections, business-to-business collections, deficiency accounts, asset location, and more. Our clients trust us to do everything in our power to quickly resolve the issue and obtain the funds owed to them.


In many cases, issues can also arise when a debt is disputed, which can lead to long, drawn out cases that do not serve to benefit our clients. Our attorneys handle disputes quickly to provide the best possible outcome for each client. We aggressively represent our client’s case and provide legal counseling on how to proceed so that our client’s needs are being met without causing more financial harm from drawn out disputes.

No matter the financial position of our client’s business, recovering debts can be frustrating and time intensive. In many cases, the debt owed can significantly affect the business’ financial well-being and have a long-term negative affect on operations. Our commercial collections Atlanta GA attorneys advocate for our clients every step of the way. Protecting the interests of our clients is our greatest obligation and we are committed to aggressively pursuing those interests when it comes to commercial debt collection.

While there are other options to pursue outside of bringing in a collections attorney, many are large debt collection agencies that see debt collections as just another account and do not give their full time and attention to collecting on a debt. Commercial Collections Atlanta GA Thrift & McLemore, our clients—whether large corporations or small, privately operated businesses, are each highly valued and given our full time and attention. By bringing in a qualified Thrift & McLemore attorney, our clients rest easy knowing that their interests are being handled, that they will receive regular updates on the progress being made and what has been done so far, and that their needs and concerns are being met.

For those still unsure if they need to bring in a collections attorney, more information can be found here. You can also contact our team directly to set up a consultation to review your case.

As with all of our client interactions, we stand by our promise to give transparent and honest legal counsel while remaining highly aware of each client’s position when it comes to time and budget constraints.

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