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The Lawyers Kennesaw GA foundation of our administrations rests in our relationship-focused methodology, where we devote ourselves to our associations with every individual customer. This enables us to not just take in their experience, current conditions, and legitimate issues, yet in addition to center around the master plan future. By utilizing this methodology, we’re ready to give legitimate administrations and advising that is proactive in nature, giving us bits of knowledge into future issues that may emerge and to guide our customers on the best way to continue in the present to set the phase for accomplishing their future objectives without extra time and costs that originate from backtracking and roll out improvements to encourage development later on.

Regardless of whether our customers come to us for a value-based issue or a suit matter, our Lawyers Kennesaw GA specializes in legal matters with a view towards straightforwardness and reasonableness. As you may see all through our site, the expression “inventive and sane methodology” shows up, strengthening our central goal to use out of the container considering and blending it with objective, well ordered arranging that enables our customers to accomplish ideal outcomes.

We esteem every last one of our customers, from those requiring individual administrations, to huge multi-million dollar companies. We’ll never hold back on time and consideration or be diverted by a greater case. At the point when lawyers Kennesaw GA work with you, we’re centered around you, and just you. We’ll never “over-legal counselor” our customers by appointing such a large number of Kennesaw lawyers to one case and charging absurd hours for our own particular advantage. By understanding our customers and requiring some serious energy in the underlying gatherings to evaluate their necessities, we balance our opportunity and endeavors to splendidly coordinate each issue. Lawyers Kennesaw GA

Our relationship-based methodology has satisfied for customers all things considered and we have the tributes to demonstrate it.

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By taking fastidious consideration with regards to little subtle elements, we can spare our customers important time and cost and give them genuine feelings of serenity. We know how distressing lawful issues can be and we intend to lessen worry for our customer’s by doing giving the administrations that we cherish—in light of the fact that while lawful issues can be a bad dream for those working through them, our group of experts Lawyers Kennesaw GA lives for the little points of interest and each customer win.

We solidly trust that our customer’s triumphs are our victories. By working one-on-one with our customers to answer questions, illuminate lawful concerns, and diagram the lawful strategies that should be tended to, we guarantee that we’re all in agreement pushing ahead and there are no hazy areas with regards to the administrations we give. Each customer communication is one where we can make a more profound association, survey needs, and objectives, and react speedily to customer demands and the requests existing apart from everything else.

Utilize Lawyers Kennesaw GA “Early and Often”

We’ve heard it many occasions—customers wish they had come to us sooner for help. Legitimate issues can be scary on the best of days and numerous either put off lawful insight too long or work to address the issues without proficient help. This can be a characteristic reaction to an unpleasant circumstance, yet with regards to getting a lawful issue dealt with rapidly and viable, an exceedingly qualified legitimate group can advance in and cover things up while our customers return to concentrating on the vital everyday exercises, regardless of whether it’s in their own or expert lives.

We’re solid supporters of giving great lawful administrations and advising from the earliest starting point. This can assist our customers with avoiding lawful entanglements and bigger budgetary mishaps while concentrating on a feasible arrangement for what’s to come. We need our customers to prevail in the long haul, not simply as to a particular issue. By utilizing us early and regularly, our customers can hold down lawful expenses and adopt a proactive strategy towards the future that advantages them in all parts of their own lives and organizations.

Lawyers Kennesaw GA Private Clients

The heft of our work for private customers includes the production of wills, bequest arranging and senior consideration arranging. This is a novel time in American history, where we’re seeing inconceivably high numbers inside the maturing populace as Baby Boomers are achieving retirement age. Many are woefully underprepared and underinformed with regards to making wills and domain designs, and building up preemptive senior consideration making arrangements for themselves or their friends and family.

We see how troublesome this procedure can be, which is the reason we advocate for early arranging and routine evaluations of authoritative archives to guarantee that everything is all together should it all of a sudden be required. Legal counselors Kennesaw GA are accessible to answer all inquiries and worries that our customers or planned customers may have.

We additionally offer a grouping of other legitimate administrations not recorded on our site. For more data on those administrations, or to get a meeting on a specific legitimate issue you confront, get in touch with us specifically at our Atlanta or Kennesaw workplaces.

Business Clients

Our business customer administrations make up the greater part of our work, halfway because of the ascent of business visionaries and the complexities of business law—and in part since we’re energetic about observing organizations prevail in their picked industry.

From new companies to organizations in more develop positions in their business life cycle hoping to extend their development through mergers and acquisitions and land, we offer a scope of administrations to meet all business related lawful needs. Our lawyers are top in their fields with long stretches of experience handling government and state controls to help our customers in meeting their business objectives.

Our Kennesaw lawyers have the most elevated scholastic certifications and are very much regarded in their fields. Every colleague expansive legitimate understanding and are focused on brilliance in giving lawful administration. We esteem the strictest expert morals at Thrift and McLemore Lawyers Kennesaw GA, and every colleague a profound energy for our relationship-based methodology, customer achievement, and building enduring associations with customers by giving the most abnormal amounts of customer administrations and fulfillment.

Accordingly, we reliably convey first-class legitimate administrations that one would anticipate from just the greatest law offices. Our long-standing customer connections bear witness to the bore of our lawful administrations and customer fulfillment.



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  • Antitrust and Trade Regulation
  • Breach of Contract
  • Business Disputes
  • Business and Commercial Law
  • Buying and Selling a Business
  • Charitable Giving
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Condominiums and Cooperatives
  • Contested Wills or Probate
  • Contract Drafting and Review
  • Corps, LLCs, Partnerships, etc.
  • Drafting Wills and Trusts
  • Eminent Domain or Condemnation
  • Environmental Law
  • Estate Administration
  • Estate Planning
  • False Advertising
  • Foreclosures
  • Franchises and Franchising
  • Government Contracts
  • Housing Discrimination
  • Landlord and Tenant
  • Mechanic’s Liens
  • Mortgages
  • Nonprofits
  • Property Tax
  • Purchase and Sale of Residence
  • Real Estate and Property Law
  • Title and Boundary Disputes
  • Unfair Competition
  • Warranties
  • Zoning, Planning and Land Use

Thrift & McLemore Receives the 2019 AVVO Client’s Choice Award

Atlanta, GA – On February 22, 2019, and for the third consecutive year, Thrift & McLemore received the 2019 AVVO Client’s Choice Award for superior client service, fast response times and desired results.  We greatly value this honor and thank each of our clients.

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Collecting on your Georgia Commercial Debt through Garnishments

As a creditor in Georgia, and especially one experiencing delinquent debts, your first objective is to pursue any legal means to obtain satisfaction of the debt owed to you.

Lawyer Atlanta GA

There are many ways for creditors to collect this delinquent debt, with varying degrees of difficulty, all of which depend on how hard the debtor intends to fight payment.

The easiest and most commonly adopted approach involves the use of a qualified attorney or debt collection agent.  This individual or entity will begin by sending either a demand letter or otherwise attempting to contact the delinquent debtor to amicably resolve the debt and get the creditor paid.  Unfortunately, this approach has mixed success.

More common in Commercial debt collection matters, due to the sophistication of parties, and contractual nature of the agreements, the creditor must go to court and receive judgement on delinquent debt in their favor, which then entitles them to act in regards to compel payment.  This judgement is a declaration by the court that the debt is valid, and the creditor can now seek to enforce the debt.

The most common tool used by these newly appointed “Judgement-Creditors” is Garnishment.  Georgia Garnishment Law is found in Title 18 Chapter 4 Article 4 of the Georgia Code, and follows the federal rules generally.  Specifics on the process can be found in OCGA 18-4-4 which outlines the process and period of Garnishments in the state.  There are two ways to enact a garnishment on a delinquent debt once judgment has been granted or the debt otherwise perfected.

The most common of these is a Summons of Garnishment, or simply a bank garnishment.  If a bank is served with this garnishment, they must immediately place a hold on the debtors account and may to the court all funds on deposit at the time of service, plus any additional funds that may be deposited into the account within the next 30 days.  After this thirty-day period, the garnishment is no longer in place.

Although less common, Georgia also allows the perfected creditor to garnish a debtor’s wages by way of a Continuing Garnishment.  After receiving service of a Continuing Garnishment, the employer of the delinquent debtor must pay into the court 25% of the debtor’s net take home pay.  This garnishment remains in place for the lesser of 180 days or the full extent of the debt has been satisfied.  Georgia also allows for renewal of this garnishment, but it must be again filed with the court.

Garnishments are generally filed in the Magistrate Court in the county for which the garnishee is physically located.  Costs may vary county to county, but are typically around $50 for filing, plus the cost for summons of service.

If you have questions regarding a delinquent debt of any kind and are at a loss for how to move forward with collecting it, let us help!  Thrift & McLemore’s attorneys are qualified in the State of Georgia to collect debts on behalf of their clients.  Contact Thrift & McLemore by email at [email protected] or by phone at 678-784-4150 to discuss how we can help you and your organization collect on your receivables and delinquent debts.

This Year’s Atlanta Metro Export Challenge to Launch With July 18 Event

The Atlanta Metro Export Challenge, which has distributed hundreds of thousands of dollars since 2016 to help local exporters with their global sales journeys, is returning again this year with backing from JPMorgan Chase

Administered by the Metro Atlanta Chamber but open to firms from the 29-county region, the challenge will hold an information session and kickoff meeting at the NanoLumens office in Peachtree Corners at 4 p.m. July 18. 

There, potential participants will hear about how the challenge has helped companies hone their strategies and receive the financial boost needed to enhance existing sales or jumpstart international growth. 

And this recap won’t just be coming from the organizers: previous winners from the last two years will be on hand to provide their first hand testimonials about the experience. 

Many have said that the challenge — and the broader thinking it fosters — has catapulted their companies into positive new territory. 

One example is Triatek, which won last year’s pitch competition to the tune of $20,000 — and that was after the first-round victory that saw the maker of ventilation systems for hospitals and research labs take home $5,000. 

Triatek was bought by Johnson Controls Inc.  shortly after its export-challenge victory, and company leaders say having a global footprint, a process accelerated by the challenge, contributed substantially to its being seen as a promising acquisition target. 

Cars 360, another export-challenge winner with app used to take 360-degree photo for car sales listings, was acquired by Carvana, the company seeking disrupt the car dealership process through technology and simplicity. 

For interested companies, here’s how the process works: Companies apply for a grant by outlining practical plans on how they would use $5,000 to generate more export sales. Thirty will be selected as first-round winners, receiving reimbursements for expenses in sums up to that amount. Then, those winners will be invited back later in the year for a pitch competition for the possibility of winning an additional $5,000, $10,000, or $20,000. 

Start the application process here, and register for the informational event here

Editor’s note: Global Atlanta is an organizing partner of some Atlanta Metro Export Challenge events.

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